Snowleopards in Kanchenjunga region

The Kanchenjunga trek region is pretty remote, and it is not so often than news comes out of there. For trekkers on the Kanchenjunga trek, it is interesting news. The Kanchenjunga Trek is sometimes known as the snowleopard trek, and it has just been reported in the BBC that another snowleopard has been tagged with a satellite tracking device.

snowleopard nepal kanchenjunga

Snowleopard sightings are rare, and photographic evidence even rarer – a BBC filmmaker once waited over a month before sighting one attacking a blue sheep. It’s reported that population in Nepal has been estimated at between 350 to 590, according to a 2009 study and around 25 snow leopards are to be found around the Kanchenjunga region officials say.

The tracker will help scientists study the animal better, how it travels, where is feeds, sleeps and breeds. From this they should be able to better manage conservation of the animals.

Amazingly, the snow leopard was caught because it had been eating too many blue sheep, which shows at least that the blue sheep population is healthy. It is common to see then on the trail to Kanchenjunga South Basecamp.

If you want to know more about conservation efforts in the Kanchenjunga region, you can see the webpage of the Kanchenjunga Conservation Area Project and view a short Kanchenjunga factsheet.

Read more about snowleopards on the BBC website.

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