Snow Leopard Trek 2015

Here’s a great opportunity which will for many offer a richer experience than most who simply trek. You’ll get to know the communities that the HDFA work with that lie along the Kanchenjunga Trek route, principally the beautiful village of Ghunsa.

This trek provides a rare opportunity to visit these very remote regions and see some of the proposed education projects, in and near the village of Ghunsa. Your participation will raise funds to support the work of the Foundation in these remote areas in the years to come. The trek itself will provide a personal, physical and mental challenge guaranteed to take you out of your comfort zone.

To join the trek you’ll raise or donate AUD$2,000 which will go directly towards the projects that HDFA have there in Ghunsa, including the school and the health post.

kanchenjunga trek nepal safe

Lush beginnings to the Kanchenjunga trek – could easily be called the Cardomon Trek

For more information about the Snow Leopard Trek 2015 see the HDFA website events page.

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