Kanchenjunga, into the five treasures of Snow

Jerome Gublin has published a beautiful coffee table book of photos from his trek around Kanchenjunga. Kanchenjunga is one of the best tea-house trekking routes in Nepal for adventurous people, in our opinion. Few people trekking, wild river valleys, opening out to amazing valleys. These photos will spell out the magic of the place to you.

He’s previously published a photo book about the Manaslu Trek, in a similar style, with similarly beautiful photos. It’s easily purchasable from Blurb.com. It’s worth buying either before are after your trek to Kanchenjunga. Before as it includes an itinerary and will prepare you for the kind of photos you could be taking along the way. It will inspire that fitness regime you’ve been thinking about. And after your Kanchenjunga trek of course it can stay on your coffee table or shelf and will wow visitors with the adventurous place you’ve spent time in if your own photos don’t do it justice!



The high altitude trekking journey is described with texts and illustrated by some sixty large format pictures of this jewel of ice and snow frequented by less than 2% of trekkers in Nepal in 2011. Gublin says, “here [in Kanchenjunga] we can still feel like an explorer in the footsteps of Eric Shipton.”

With images like this, you can agree!


You can also get a 15% discount on this book using the coupon “FALL15OFFBOOK” while the offer applies.

Find the Kanchenjunga photo book online at Blurb.

You can contact the author at jeromegublin@free.fr

For information, the author’s Kanchenjunga Itinerary is here:



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