Mamankhe / Mamangkhe

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Mamankhe is one of the most beautiful villages I have ever seen in Nepal.

Mamangkhe is a two day walk from Taplejung Bazaar, or 8 hours from a motorable road to the south (straight up the Kabeli khola valley). It is the last majority Limbu village to the north-east. Other Limbu villages further north can be found in the Mewa Khola valley (where several anthropologists have worked) and in the Tamur Khola valley (leading up to Taplethok and Hellok). One of two trekking routes to Kachenjunga passes through here, up to Yampudim (mostly Sherpa, Bhote, Rai and Gurung), which is officially the furthest-east permanently inhabited village in Nepal.

  • “Something that particularly attracted me to this village was the relative clustering of households due to the large population size and limited space for house-building (agricultural land is precious and the slopes higher up are too steep).” Ian Carlos, and anthropologist who did his fieldwork here and wrote Cardomon and Class.

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